Suspect’s mother arrested outside courthouse after being accused of helping hide evidence in murder of son’s girlfriend in Warren

WARREN, Mich. – Police said an 18-year-old Warren man shot and killed his girlfriend during an argument before being pulled over for driving erratically with her body still inside the van.

Prosecutors said Kevin Dixon got into an argument with his girlfriend, India Mackey, around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday inside a van in his driveway on Shirley Avenue in Warren.

Dixon’s mother was arrested outside of a courthouse Thursday. Police said they believe she is an accomplice to the murder. Police said Dixon called his mother and told her to hide evidence -- they said they have reason to believe she complied.

Kevin Dixon (WDIV)

Mackey recorded Dixon pointing a black handgun at her, threatening her and loading bullets into the gun, police said.

Dixon shot and killed Mackey shortly after she finished recording, officials said.

He drove the van into Eastpointe with Mackey’s body still inside, according to authorities. He was pulled over for driving erratically, officers said.

Mackey was pronounced dead at 5:51 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

“This is the sixth murder case resulting from a domestic violence situation my office has received in the past two months,” Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said. “My staff and I are committed to the continued prosecution of these offenders to the fullest extent under the law.”

Dixon is charged with first-degree murder, carrying a concealed weapon and a felony firearm violation. He faces up to life in prison for the first-degree murder charge, five years in prison for the concealed weapon charge and two years in prison for the felony firearm violation, officials said.

“If you are facing an imminent violent situation, leave the situation immediately and call police,” Smith said. “Do not stay and record the incident. It could be the difference between life and death.”

Dixon was arraigned Thursday at 37th District Court in Warren. He is being held without bail.

You can watch the full arraignment below.

India Mackey (WDIV)
India Mackey (WDIV)
India Mackey (WDIV)
India Mackey (WDIV)

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