‘The Hoffa Wars’ author has new theory about where Jimmy Hoffa’s remains are

‘Shattered: Hoffa’ premieres Dec. 3

DETROIT – Martin Scorsese’s film “The Irishman" is going to be released on Netflix on Nov. 27 and it’s bringing attention back to the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains.

Writer Dan Moldea, author of “The Hoffa Wars,” is an expert on the search for Hoffa’s remains and has been on six digs himself. He said he as new information about where Hoffa might be buried.

Local 4′s Steve Garagiola is working on a prime time special and podcast about Hoffa. He recently traveled to Washington D.C. to interview Moldea. They talked about everything, including Moldea’s tense meeting with one of film’s biggest stars.

Moldea is convinced about Hoffa’s final resting place and he’s ready to go on another dig. He’s not interested in searching in Michigan; this time he’s interested in an overgrown dump site on the Hackensack River in New Jersey.

“He (Phil Moscato Jr.) said, ‘there was a place called Moscato Stop on the Pulaski Skyway and that’s where we would dump bodies.' And, so that was the baseline for which the FBI is operating. That is the baseline from which I have operated,” Moldea said.

Moldea explained to Garagiola how he believes Hoffa’s body ended up in Jersey after being last seen at a restaurant in Bloomfield Township.

"Hoffa’s stuffed into a 55 gallon drum, loaded onto a gateway transportation truck and crushed and smelted right here in Detroit. I didn’t buy into that they took him back to New Jersey thing, it was Phil Moscato who brought me back to the New Jersey thing.

The natural follow-up question is, why would anyone drive across the country with a body?

“You’re indicted for murder ... You say to the feds ... 'I want a deal’ ... What do you have to bargain with? ‘I can give you Jimmy Hoffa’s body.’”

All of this contradicts the movie “The Irishman," which Moldea didn’t hesitate to tell Robert De Niro when they met face-to-face.

“He was giving me this nonsense, that this is the story about Jimmy Hoffa’s Death -- this is the true story. I said, ‘Bob, you are being conned.’ Those exact words, ‘You are being conned,’” Moldea said. “Frank Sheeran did not murder Jimmy Hoffa. Sal Briguglio did.”

Other than Phil Moscato, the son of Phil Sr. -- a New Jersey mob boss -- we left out the names of where Moldea is getting this latest information.

It’ll all make more sense when you watch our prime time special coming up and listen to Steve’s podcast “Shattered: Hoffa.” The first episode premieres Dec. 3.

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