Homeowner hurt when DPD raids wrong duplex unit in Oak Park

A family was terrified Friday morning when officers from the Detroit Police Department knocked down the front door of their home. Police reportedly entered the wrong half of an Oak Park duplex.

OAK PARK, Mich. – It’s real simple. Detroit Police had the wrong house.

They destroyed both the window and door, as they barged in, with the family and two little kids inside.

“I was downstairs on the couch, the kids and dad were upstairs in the bed and all I hear is the door, like kind of being rammed in,” said Tangie.

The loud noise instantly woke up Tangie out of her sleep. She’s still shaken up at the fact police, knocked down her door on Scotia, early Friday morning. Her fiancé Deontey Allen immediately ran downstairs, as police barged in.

“They come in and handcuffed me. At this point, I’m telling them, ‘You all made a mistake and you’re not going to find anything in here,’” said Deontey Allen.

“The addresses are set up in a duplex type, so they’re side by side. They initially went to the wrong address. As they made entry, they were notified by the rear team, that it was the wrong address,” said Detroit Police Captain Conway Petty.

Captain Conway Petty said it was an unfortunate mistake. They were issuing a search warrant, in an effort to bust a credit card fraud ring. The intended target was the neighbor next door.

“A lot of merchandise was taken. Stolen credit cards, credit card machines, fake Ids, Drivers license from several states and a pretty large operation. Yeah they would rent a car with a fraudulent id and a credit card. Then they would fail to return it and then I would sub rent it to you and then when you get through with it. I would take it back and rent it to somebody else. So the car would stay passed the one week rental. Enterprise notified us on a couple of cars that were failed to be returned, so it started here and then another precinct on the Westside had a similar situation,” said Petty.

Meanwhile, Allen said he’s glad police caught the bad guys, but it doesn’t change the fact, “My sons had to see me get handcuffed and get treated like a criminal when I didn’t do anything,” said Allen.