How much do the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ actually cost?

These may not be the best gifts to give

If you ever wondered how much it would cost to finance the entire "12 Days of Christmas," know that it's expensive -- and even more so this year, thanks to inflation.

Thinking of spoiling a loved one this holiday season, perhaps with the gifts from the famous “12 Days of Christmas?”

OK, probably not (who really wants geese a-laying?). But even if the style of presents doesn’t deter you, the price might.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you were to buy everything listed during the song “12 Days of Christmas,” it would cost you $41,205. That cost has gone up 6% since 2019, accounting for inflation, officials said.

For those unfamiliar with the age-old holiday song, that $41,000 would get you:

  • 12 drummers drumming
  • 11 pipers piping
  • 10 lords a-leaping
  • 9 ladies dancing
  • 8 maids a-milking
  • 7 swans a-swimming
  • 6 geese a-laying
  • 5 gold rings
  • 4 colly birds
  • 3 French hens
  • 2 turtle doves
  • 1 patridge in a pear tree

The most expensive items on the list are the seven swans a-swimming, which would cost about $13,000. The nine ladies dancing would put you out about $7,500.

The exotic pets are coming in at a higher cost this year, too. The price of two turtle doves reportedly went up 50% this year, and the cost of six geese a-laying went up by 57%.

Gold prices are also up this year, pushing up the cost of five golden rings by 8.5%.

For those of you feeling extravagant this gift-giving season, be ready to fork over a big chunk of change.

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