Income taxes are due Monday: Here’s what you need to know

Tax filing resources still available ahead of April 18 deadline

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Tax Day generally falls on April 15, but this year, most Americans will have to file their individual income taxes by Monday, April 18.

According to the IRS, the average tax refund is $3,175. So far, the IRS states they have issued more than 70 million refunds worth over $200 billion.

Those who are not ready to file by Monday can request an extension. Individuals who are granted an extension will have to file by October 17, 2022. Click here to request a federal extension.

The IRS also offers online payment plans for those who can’t pay their taxes in full. According to the government website, there are two different online payment plans: short and long term. Those searching for a short-term plan will have a period of 120 days to fulfill their payment. Those with a long-term plan will have longer than 120 days to repay and will pay their dues monthly. To see if you qualify for a payment plan, click here.

If you still need to file your individual income taxes, here are a few free tax filing websites:


  • This free tax filing program is available to those under 65 years old and who have an income of less than $73,000 per year.


  • This free tax filing program is available for those whose annual gross income is less than $40,000 if they’re eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit, or for active-duty military members with an AGI of $74,000 or less.

H&R Block

  • There are many options when filing taxes with H&R Block. Starting with a free package, those filing can file EITC, CTC, retirement income and deduct student tuition.


  • Turbotax allows users to jumpstart their tax returns using their tax information from the previous year. This free tax filing program also has around-the-clock specialists ready to answer any customers’ questions.


  • Tax filers younger than 57 years old and making an annual income of less than $65,000 can file with TaxAct.

Cash App

  • Some may think of Cash App as a wireless money transfer app, but they also offer tax filing services. Filers will need to download Cash App and create an account to use the tax filing services. After downloading the app, users can file taxes from their phone or computer.

To stay up to date with IRS special filing alerts, click here.

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