AAA issues warning to Metro Detroit drivers about road rage caused by closures, traffic, heat

Metro Detroit in worst time of year for aggressive driving

DEARBORN, Mich. - Summer road construction is nothing new, but this year seems to be especially crazy. When you mix road closures, traffic and high heat, it can become an emotional issue.

AAA issued a warning to drivers about keeping their cool and avoiding road rage.

Even though it's summertime and the sun is shining, everyone isn't always in a good mood. As soon as drivers get behind the wheel in the summer, they're likely to become aggressive.

With the rising temperatures, there are more cars on the roads working their way around all the construction zones in Metro Detroit.

"Everybody gets a little bit of road rage," one driver said..

AAA officials said this time of the year is the worst for aggressive driving, especially since Metro Detroit residents are dealing with two major freeway closures.

"I just got off the freeway and just saw two people get cut off," another driver said.

Besides the freeway closures, many busy roads are down to only one lane during peak travel times. That can cause major backups, which irritate drivers.

"You get angry, frustrated and start yelling," another driver said.

When drivers get irritated, the roads can become dangerous. AAA wants to remind drivers to keep a cool head on the road during the summer months and stay calm in heavy traffic.

To avoid getting irritated on the road, drivers should give themselves plenty of extra time.

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