Business owner sentenced for installing video camera at Clinton Township CrossFit gym

Matt Krakowski receives jail, prison time

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®, Derick Hutchinson

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A Clinton Township business owner is heading to prison after officials said he illegally videotaped gym members in their changing rooms.

The shaken victims vented their anger Tuesday at Matt Krakowski's sentencing.

"A mixture of anger, disbelief, despair and humiliation," a victim said.

"In my book, you are a disgusting monster," another victim said.

Krakowski, 35, of Casco Township, opened the Switch CrossFit Gym in Clinton Township and quickly had a strong following.

Women in particular found it strange he would disappear from the gym for long periods of time, and nobody knew where he had gone until an off-duty police officer saw a camera mounted in the gym's ceiling tile, according to authorities.

"It just disgusts me that you were walking with all the older women and flashing your little smile," a victim said. "Little did I realize what a lowlife you are."

Krakowski pleaded no contest to installing the camera and having images of women, men and children saved on his computer.

"Local boys' hockey, girls' high school volleyball teams, even a Boy Scout troop trained there," a victim said. "Fundraisers, special events were held there, and (it was) open to the general public."

CrossFit members said they're not using public bathrooms or store changing rooms. Many of them said they sought counseling.

"I take full responsibility for my past actions that have caused pain and humiliation to people I care about," Krakowski said. "I am ready to accept my appropriate punishment."

His punishment includes 11 months in the Macomb County Jail and a 36- to 240-month sentence in state prison.

Krakowski will also appear on the Michigan state sex offender registry.

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