Genesee County medical examiner testifies in ‘cereal murder’ case

Preliinary hearing to continue on Nov. 19

Defenders: Medical examiner gives key clues form autopsy in 'cereal murder' case

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. – A medical examiner delivered damaging new testimony Friday as a husband stands charged with spiking his wife’s cereal with a fatal amount of heroin.

Jason Harris, 44, allegedly openly spoke about getting rid of his wife and had allegedly been looking for a hit man. He has been charged in the death of his wife, Christy Ann Thompson Harris, who was found dead in the master bedroom of their Davison home in September of 2014.

Her death was originally ruled an accidental overdose and five years passed before prosecutors announced charges against her husband.

“We believe he put heroin in her cereal and milk the night she died,” Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

In court Friday, Genesee County medical examiner Brian Hunter spoke about what he found on the victim’s body during the autopsy. He explained to the court that he didn’t notice any injuries on her body. He said he looked for bruises, scrapes, gun shot wounds or signs of blunt force trauma and didn’t find any.

Hunter said he did find fluid in her lungs and foam around her mouth, which he said is evident of someone who has extreme congestive heart failure, people who drown, or opioid overdoses. He said the victim didn’t have a history of heart failure and she didn’t drown.

He said there weren’t any signs on her body that she injected herself with a drug. He also testified that the victim had some kind of pink fluid in her stomach when she was found, that fluid hasn’t been identified.

The preliminary hearing will continue on Nov. 19.

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