Detroit City Council president shows off leaner body in new video

Charles Pugh says obesity is problem in Detroit, says he's lost 55 pounds

DETROIT - Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh says he's shed 55 pounds and is sharing his weight loss secrets in a new video posted on YouTube.

In the video, Pugh reports from his kitchen what he's been working on with his personal trainer.

WATCH VIDEO: Charles Pugh weight loss secrets

"I have a six pack, but some people would tell you I have an eight pack," Pugh says in the video.

"A lot of people need the inspiration and motivation," he adds.

Pugh seemed agitated when Local 4's Hank Winchester asked him about the video on Thursday.

Pugh: "Obesity is a problem in this city. It is. So, then what's the problem?"

Winchester: "I think people just question the timing of the video."

Pugh: "What people?"

Winchester: "We were just down on the street, we talked with dozens of Detroiters. We showed them the video and they said, 'Why put this video out now?' They'd rather see you do a video on A, B, C. Why take your shirt off in the video, why play the jazz music? I'm just telling you what the people are telling me."

Pugh: "Guess what, there's always something to criticize."

Winchester: "You know there's going to be people who say the video is ridiculous."

Pugh: "I know what they say and I don't care about those people because obesity is a problem in Detroit."

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