Fired doctors claim Detroit Medical Center put profits over patient care

Dr. Maheer Elder, Dr. Amir Khaki file lawsuit against DMC

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - Two fired heart doctors are alleging in a lawsuit that the Detroit Medical Center put profits over patient care, saying patients died as the hospital tried to save money.

Dr. Maheer Elder and Dr. Amir Khaki are suing the DMC, its CEOs and the foreign for-profit company Tenent, which owns the hospital, claiming they were fired for raising concerns about the claims.

In the federal lawsuit, the doctors allege physicians opened up packages that were supposed to contain sterilized surgical instruments and found unsterile, dirty instruments, some with visible tissue and blood on them.

The doctors claim that, in one case, a patient died because his high potassium levels weren't reported to the cardiac team for hours. They said the services of a blood lab were removed to save money.

The lawsuit also alleges unnecessary and dangerous cardiac medical procedures were performed by other physicians, in some cases leading to patient deaths.

Edler and Khaki said they repeatedly tried to tell superiors about these conditions, but the hospital continued to bill the government for the unnecessary procedures.

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