Conflicting reports emerge after incident at Warren bar ends with man on life support

Police are investigating

WARREN – After a night out with friends, a 24-year-old man is on life support.

What everyone involved in the case can agree on is that Amir Ibrahim fell asleep on a table inside Blue Finn Bar & Grill’s Club Echelon in Warren. Everything that comes after comes with conflicting narratives. The incident happened on Nov. 25.

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Ibrahim is in Detroit Receiving Hospital on life support, in a coma with diminishing brain activity, according to his family.

“My understanding, according to witnesses I’ve spoken to, is Amir was sleeping at the bar and he was asked by one of the bouncers to leave the bar because you’re not allowed to sleep at the bar,” according to Mohamad Bazzi, the attorney representing Ibrahim’s family.

Club owner, Mike Wietecha, says that’s not what happened. His surveillance cameras captured everything that went on inside. He said Ibrahim was asleep, a bouncer went to see what was going on with him and ended up getting into a confrontation with the two women who were with Ibrahim.

The women hit and slapped the bouncer multiple times. During the alleged altercation Ibrahim ended up having the stool he was sitting on kicked out from underneath him. He fell back and hit his head on a wall. The bouncer told them they had to leave.

Ibrahim and the two women were escorted outside. There is no video of what happened at the valet stand but two different stories have emerged.

The women with Ibrahim claim the bouncer hit him from behind and he fell and hit his head on the cement. The owner says Ibrahim took a swing at the bouncer and the bouncer punched him back and Ibrahim fell.

Warren police are investigating and the Macomb County Prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case.

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