Online fundraiser helping needy Redford family with six kids who lost everything in house fire

Children staying with grandmother

This is a tough weekend for the Taylor family after their house burned along with almost everything in it Thursday afternoon.

The children’s grandmother, Arnettie Morton, now has a full house for the time being. All six of her grandchildren ages five to 15 are staying with her after their Redford home burned.

Luckily, the whole family made it out of the fire safe.

“Yes, thank God,” said Morton, talking about how everyone is safe.

Morton was wearing a shirt with a message about prayer on it while speaking to Local 4.

“Oh, yes, I am a praying person. Pray every day and pray for the protection of children, grandchildren and my family,” Morton said.

The home caught fire just as the kids came back from school around 4 p.m. Thursday. They put their bags down and changed out of their school uniforms. Those are gone along with most everything else.

The children’s parents, Maria and Terrell Taylor, bought the home just a couple of years ago.

“It is devastating. They are a young couple, saved their money, they bought the home, and for them to lose everything, it has just been very devastating,” Morton said.

So now it is all hands on deck. Morton bought shoes for the kids to wear, coats and stocked up on food for a few days.

There is homeowners insurance, but that is taking time.

“I am trying to make sure the kids are OK, food to eat, clothes to put on, take care of them so their father can run around take care of all the business related to the house,” Morton said.

What’s worse is the kids’ mom hasn’t seen the home yet. She is out of town visiting family and is rushing to get back.

“What they need? They need everything. They have nothing,” Morton said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Neighbors are chipping in to help the family through an online fundraiser.

You can access the online fundraiser by clicking here.

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