New project announced to eliminate traffic delays at rail crossing in Woodhaven

Project could cost up to $39 million

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – There are plans to ease chronic traffic delays at an infamous rail crossing in Woodhaven.

For decades time drivers have had to face long delays caused by trains that usually sit and block traffic on Allen Road. Now, there’s a resolution on the table that could allow drivers to pass the train by, by driving underneath.

The new project would create a grade separation at Allen Road -- making an underpass so drivers could pass freely under the bridge.

READ: Project announced to ease chronic traffic delays at infamous rail crossing in Woodhaven

“Seems like every time you want to go somewhere you can’t get out of Trenton because of the train multiple times a day, especially on weekends,” Chuck Sinnott said.

For over a decade, drivers like Vera and Chuck Sinnot in Woodhaven have been complaining about trains blocking traffic.

“Sometimes the trains are excessively long and they’ll even be a stopover at Ford Street so it really ties the traffic up in this area,” Vera Sinnott said.

Firetrucks and other first responders have even had issues coming to aid to those in need during an emergency.

“When an ambulance comes to your house, they don’t send one, they send two so they can take different routes because they’ve been tied up at the tracks over the years,” Vera Sinnott said.

The project is expected to cost up to $39 million.

“It’ll be an underpass. The bridge itself will be for the train and the cars will go underneath it,” State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D) said

Camilleri said the underpass will do more than alleviate some of the stress drivers are feeling, but will also make other parts of the area easier to deal with.

“We are going to build a bridge to help traffic continue to flow around this region. It’s going to open up economic opportunities and also make sure that we have public safety be the No. 1 priority for our residents,” Camilleri said.

Officials are hoping to start construction by the end of the year.

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