‘They’re locked in their room': Metro Detroit woman quarantined on cruise ship amid coronavirus outbreak

A Metro Detroit resident is stuck on board a cruise ship off the coast of Japan, quarantined because of the coronavirus.

Myra Larouche from Sterling Heights is stuck on board the Diamond Princess after 20 people have tested positive for the virus.

Now, all of the remaining passengers will stay on the ship for the next 14 days.

Larouche’s sister, Marcie Wulfmeier, told Local 4 that it’s not just scary for the woman stuck on the cruise ship, but scary for her family, too.

“This is where we’re anchored, in the pacific in Yokohama,” Wulfmeier said.

Wulfmeier is getting constant updates from Larouche, who’s aboard the cruise with her close friend.

“That’s what retirement is about, traveling, seeing the world and her whole purpose was to see her grandson,” Wulfmeier said. “Then the coronavirus broke out.”

Now, Larouche, her friend, and hundreds of other passengers are stuck on the cruise ship for at least the next 14 days.


“They’re locked in their room, like a jail cell,” Wulfmeier said. “She’s scared, we’re worried.”

The captain of the cruise ship said that 10 more passengers, three of which were American, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Larouche sent photos of the chaos unfolding there.

“Here’s all the ambulances, and taking off the 10 passengers that were diagnosed with the coronavirus,” Wulfmeier said. “I’m just keeping her positive. I send her scripture everyday.”

Those scriptures are serving as comfort for her sister while they wait for her to come back to Metro Detroit.

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