IIHS names 64 cars, SUVs as 2020 top safety picks

DETROIT – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released the best vehicles able to avoid accidents, and if they get in one, keep you safe.

For years, the IIHS has tested cars and trucks and it can be a bit of a headache for the domestic automakers. It looks for safety features often required in countries like Europe that aren’t required here. So, a lot of domestic three vehicles aren’t especially high on this list.

The IIHS smashes a lot of bumpers to measure the true safety you enjoy inside a vehicle. Now, they’re out with their safest vehicles on the road list. IIHS President David Harkey sets the bar quite high.

“Both of those awards require you get good ratings in all six of our crash worthiness tests that we perform,” said Harkey.

There’s ever changing criteria which includes a vehicle’s ability to avoid others and pedestrians, some domestic vehicles don’t yet have.

“You have to have good or acceptable headlights for either award,” said Harkey.

The most current headlamps are a must in this testing. Once again, the domestic three aren’t there yet.

"They help you see further down the roadway, they help you see more of the roadside, they help you pick up on obstacles sooner, in the hopes of avoiding a crash."

Sixty-four cars and SUVs were named a top safety pick by IIHS. 23 qualify for top safety picks plus, only one domestic three vehicles make it. Also there could be more good news down the road as technology improves.

“Lane departure systems, lane warning systems, blind spot assist,” said Harkey. “We’re constantly looking for those systems to figure out how much of a safety benefit they offer.”

The Cadillac XT6, built after October 2019, made the top safety pick list.

The IIHS said no minivans or pickups were named top safety picks this year.

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