Adjustments to Livonia water distribution system could lead to low water pressure, discoloration

Properties west of Merriman Road could be affected


LIVONIA, Mich. – The water department will be making adjustments to the water distribution system that could cause temporary low water pressure and water discoloration in Livonia, according to officials.

Citizens could see the changes starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday through Friday. Properties in Livonia west of Merriman Road could be affected. The water project work is being done in the area of 8 Mile and Newburgh Roads.

Residents who have questions or no water at all should contact the Department of Public Works Public Service Division at (734) 466-2655.

Residents who see cloudy water are asked to not use the water for an hour to settle the main. Then they’re asked to flush the cold tap water in a utility tub, basement, or bathroom for 3-5 minutes, or until it runs clear. If the water is still cloudy after flushing for 5 minutes, wait an hour and repeat the process.

Officials said cloudiness can be caused by naturally occurring iron deposits that settle out of the water into the bottom of the pipe over time. When work is done on the water distribution system the iron deposits get mixed back into the water.

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