Ride share food delivery companies take steps to protect customers from coronavirus

DETROIT – Health officials confirmed there are now four additional cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan, bringing the state total to 16 as of Friday afternoon.

Thursday night Gov. Gretchen Whitmer closed all K-12 schools in Michigan until Sunday, April 5. on Friday she signed an executive order to cancel all events with more than 250 people until April 5.

A lot of people will be staying at home and may turn to delivery services to get their food. So how are companies like Grubhub and Doordash making sure the food is safe?

“This is the box I use. We got Clorox in here. She gave me gloves,” Andre Edwards said.

Edwards is not playing any games when it comes to his safety and the safety of his customers. Edwards delivers food for a popular ride share company.

“They give you a message when an order is ready and then you click accept. Then you drive to the location, pick up the food and then you deliver it to the customer’s house,” Edwards said.

This week the three main food delivery ride share companies -- Grubhub, UberEats and Doordash said that due to the coronavirus outbreak they’re going the extra mile to make sure the food delivered through their apps is safe.

They’re asking all drivers to wear gloves and to use hand sanitizers with all orders. The customers can even choose the option to have the driver leave their food at the door, limiting contact.

“We can leave it at the front door from the instructions of the customer if they want to do it that way,” Edwards said.

“I find that the facilities around here are pretty clean and the people that are working wouldn’t go to work if they were sick. So, I would trust them to bring me my food,” Ellen Kjoller, who uses the apps, said.

Oakland County Health Officer Leigh-Ann Stafford said, “the most important thing people can do if they work in a restaurant is stay home when they’re sick. That’s the message in all of this.”

Edwards said its’ better safe than sorry.

“I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t do it. I mean, you’re just leaving their food right there. You let them know, ‘The food is here,’” Edwards said.