Study: Michigan among best states at social distancing during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Michigan receives 'A' grade in terms of social distancing

DETROIT – According to a recent study, Michigan is among the best states in the country at social distancing, receiving an "A" grade.

There are very few weapons with which to fight back against COVID-19, but the most effective seems to be social distancing, which dramatically cuts down the number of people with whom we come into contact.

Click here to read the government’s guide to implementing social distancing in education and childcare settings.

By committing to social distancing, we can slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

A group called “Unacast” in New York used what they call “human mobility data” from cities across the country to measure travel. With that data, the group determined which states have been most effective in terms of social distancing.

UPDATE -- March 25, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases total 2,295; death toll rises to 43

According to the study, the state of Michigan received an "A" grade overall, ranking in the top five states in the country.

A closer look at Metro Detroit shows the area has almost all As across the board, with each county reducing travel by between 40% and 50%.

The only community with a poor grade in the area is Monroe County, which failed to take the social distancing directive seriously, according to the study. Between Feb. 28 and March 9, travel activity in the county increased, earning an initial grade of “F.”

Since then, the amount of travel has sharply declined, and Monroe County now has a "C" grade.

The consensus among medical professionals around the world is that social distancing works if everyone does their part.

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