Metro Detroit family describes what it’s like when child needs urgent medical care amid coronavirus outbreak

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – Our family has been trying to keep ourselves upbeat, occupied and productive while on quarantine. We’ve gone for walks, scavenger hunts, done schoolwork, played ... we’ve done all of the things we can.

I’m sure just like many other families out there, we’ve also been trying to keep our kids away from any type of play that could lead to injury. What happens if you have to take one of your kids to a hospital right now, right?! That would rank right towards the top of possible scenarios right now.

Well, Thursday afternoon we had to stare that scenario in the face! Our daughter Adalynn fell and hurt her wrist - bad! She’s tough, but she couldn’t shake this one off. My wife, Kelly and I were now faced with one of the worst scenarios we could think of.

To see what happened next, watch our story above.

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