Detroit employees fighting on frontlines of pandemic to receive $800 a month extra in hazard pay

Hazard pay applies to first responders, public-facing employees

DETROIT – Speaking at a press conference Friday, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, announced that employees working on the frontlines on the coronavirus pandemic will be receiving hazard pay.

The hazard pay applies to first responders and public-facing employees. Beginning Monday first responders and public-facing employees will receive an additional $800 in pay.

“Starting Monday, I want to pay our first responders and our public-facing employees the equivalent of $800 a month in additional pay for COVID-19,” said Duggan.

It will apply to employees working in different areas including police, fire, EMS, DDOT, health department, general services department, water department, building safety and engineering department.

“The way we are going to do this, for the great majority of employees we are going to pay you an extra $5 an hour for the hours you work. So if you work 40-hours a week, that’s about $800 a month,” said Duggan.

Firefighters who work nine shifts a month will receive $90 extra a shift a month, which is equal to about $800 a month.

Duggan says there will be more information available Monday on the pay increases.

“Not once has any employee in our department said if you don’t pay me more I won’t come to work. They just show up and do the job. I think it needs to be recognized,” said Duggan.

To date, there are 6,228 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Detroit. Duggan says 326 Detroit residents have died from the virus.


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