‘He’s still saving lives’: Huron Township paramedic, father of 5 dies from COVID-19

Huron Township paramedic who died from COVID-19 remembered for lives he saved.
Huron Township paramedic who died from COVID-19 remembered for lives he saved.

HURON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – It’s been six days since Huron Township firefighter medic Paul Novicki seemingly died out of nowhere.

“He had no underlying health issues at all. I’m very active, very athletic and he hunted, he fished -- he went on hikes. He, you know, yard work -- was very active, loved the outdoors,” said Kristy Novicki, Paul Novicki’s wife.

Kristy Novicki believes that only a few weeks before his death Novicki came into contact with coronavirus (COVID-19) while on the job.

“We found out that his partner actually from work had tested positive and literally that afternoon Paul started getting sick,” Kristy Novicki said.

The medic leaves behind 5 children and his wife. Social distancing has made the grieving process much harder.

“The virus that put him there also kept us from being together as a family to console each other. You can’t mourn the way that you normally would. We can’t be together. I can’t hug my kids. I can’t hug my mother-in-law,” Kristy Novicki said.

As a first responder Novicki spent decades saving people. Which is why, even in his death, Kristy Novicki believes he’s still working for the people.

“I’m glad he’s still saving lives. If these interviews and his death has just one person change their mind to stay quarantined and just stay safe -- and he’s still doing his job,” Kristy Novicki said.

A memorial service is being planned for Novicki this summer.

Kristy Novicki said she’s been having an awful time struggling with taking care of everything after her husband’s untimely death.

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