PVS Chemicals produces hand sanitizer for its truck drivers, donates supplies to first responders

PVS has donated over 1,000 bottles of sanitizer

Hand sanitizer (AP)

DETROIT – PVS Chemicals began producing hand sanitizer earlier this month for its front line truck drivers and has donated supplies to first responders amid the coronavirus outbreak, the company announced Thursday.

PVS will begin to distribute sanitizer and supplies in Buffalo, New York and Detroit.

“We all know how crucial our front-line workers are, including first responders, and we are committed to helping others especially during these uncertain times,” said PVS Chemicals President and CEO David A. Nicholson in a statement. “We are proud of our employees who continue to deliver products to our customers for use in a variety of applications to assist first responders and other people in need.”

Chemists began producing sanitizer earlier this month in their facility in Sharonville, Ohio and bottled at its Detroit location.

Since the beginning of production, PVS has donated over 1,000 bottle of sanitizer to first responders and healthcare workers in Detroit.

“We certainly plan to do more since the need is great, but the supply is short. Specifically, there is a shortage of raw materials, such as Isopropyl-alcohol and individual containers, for PVS to make and bottle the much-needed hand sanitizer for even more front-line workers," Nicholson said.

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