Utica Community Schools pass out laptops to students for remote learning

District officials say online learning could remain part of future plan

UTICA, Mich. – Remote learning has become the new norm for students as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, and while there are many challenges associated with learning from home, Utica Community Schools have found a solution.

A group of district workers loaned laptops to parents from Henry Ford II High School on Friday. The district sent out an invitation that anyone who needed more computers could sign up.

One of the challenges of students working from home is knowing when to cut parents and children some slack.

But while it’s new for now, students will have to get used to remote learning.

Utica Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said when school resumes, online learning could still be involved.

“There’s going to be a balance between face-to-face and online instruction as we move into the fall,” Johns said. “That’ possibly where we could be.”

But for now, the laptops are key to helping students get through the current learning landscape.

Henry Ford II High School Principal Lori Singleton said it’s important to cut children some slack during this time because if they aren’t in the right mindset, they won’t learn at all.

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