‘COVID-19 is the enemy, not each other’: Michigan governor responds to president’s Tweet on lockdown

Michigan has third highest number of coronavirus deaths in nation

In a White House press briefing President Donald trump addressed a Tweet about liberating Michigan

DETROIT – President Donald Trump defended a Tweet he posted Friday targeting Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

The Tweet read, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” He sent it out two days after people protested at the state capitol in Lansing against the order.

“I’m getting along very nicely with the governor of Michigan, but she has things, don’t buy paint, don’t buy roses, don’t buy, I mean she’s got all these crazy things. I think someone sitting in their boat on the lake should be okay. They shouldn’t arrest people. Some of them (governors) are being unreasonable,” said the president while speaking at a coronavirus White House briefing Saturday.

After the stay-at-home order was issued rumors started circulating on Michigan banning sales on seeds, gardening, and American flags. The false rumor helped set off the protest in Lansing Wednesday.

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After the president made the remarks at the coronavirus White House briefing, Whitmer responded on Twitter.

“Right now, despite having the 10th largest population, we have the 3rd highest COVID-19 deaths in the nation. I’m using every tool at my disposal to save lives, and it’s working. The curve is flattening. Remember: COVID-19 is the enemy, not each other,” said Whitmer responding on Twitter.

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 30,791 as of Saturday, including 2,308 deaths, state officials report. That number is up from 30,023 confirmed cases and 2,227 deaths Friday. As of today the state has reported 3,237 recoveries.