Child falls out of 8th-floor window in Southfield

The child’s condition is unknown

Child falls out of 8th-floor window in Southfield
Child falls out of 8th-floor window in Southfield

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A child fell out of an 8th floor window at an apartment complex in Southfield on Saturday.

It happened at the Regal Towers on Franklin Road, near West 11 Mile Road and the John C Lodge Freeway.

“But my question is -- and so is everyone else’s in the building now -- where were the mom and dad?" a neighbor said of the incident.

That’s the question on every Regal Towers resident’s mind on Saturday.

A neighbor -- who did not want to be identified -- was inside their apartment when the child fell from the 8th-floor window.

“We’re not even sure if that child is alive," the neighbor said. "Somebody made the comment we don’t even think an adult could have survived that fall.”

The neighbor said another neighbor saw the child fall and started asking other residents if their child was missing.

“When he went to their apartment, he knocked on the door and he said: ‘Y’all got kids. Your child just fell out,'" the neighbor said after finally knocking on the child’s parent’s door. "They didn’t even know. They had no idea that it had happened.”

Now everyone is just hoping that the child is okay.

“For me, it was one of those things that I’m trying to wrap my mind around. Trying to understand it," the neighbor said. "You know, because I’m going to be thinking about this. How close they were and if this child is either dead or critically injured now.”

Local 4 reached out to Southfield police for an update on the child, but they have not yet responded.

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