Metro Detroit weather forecast: Threats of flooding as rain continues to pile up

Temperatures won’t get out of the 60s through Wednesday

DETROIT – Rain continues to pile up while east winds push more water inland from the record high east side lakes. Temperatures will rise into a seasonably warm Memorial Day weekend, but how much of that will be dry?

Flood Threats Areawide

We're not just watching the east side this time. A steady fire hose of moisture is being shot into southeast Michigan. On top of our soggy lawns, ponding streets and overflowing creeks and streams, we may see an additional inch before the rain slows down (but doesn't stop) early Tuesday morning. Generally dreary conditions will persist through Tuesday. Steady rain, heavy at times, will continue through Monday night. Rain slows down after daybreak Tuesday to lighter showers with the addition of fog and mist in spots. Then we finally dry out in the second half of Tuesday. That will last through midweek.

Below Normal Start

High temperatures won't get out of the 60s through Wednesday. But unlike the early part of May, these cooler numbers are coming without the clear skies. So we won't see mornings that are all that chilly. In fact our low temperatures will be above normal, despite being about 5 degrees below that mark in the afternoons. Normal highs finally return Friday which takes us into a warm Memorial Day weekend.

Mainly Dry Weekend

Just like this past weekend, Saturday will be the clear winner of the three-day holiday stretch. Highs will finish in the upper 70s with partly cloudy skies. Sunday doesn’t look all that bad, either. Highs creep up to the low 80s, but showers can’t be ruled out during at least part of the day. Memorial Day Monday will be just as warm, but showers and thunderstorms are possible then as well. None of these chances look like slam dunks, nor will they last the entire day. But be prepared, especially Monday afternoon and evening for storms.

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