GM and FCA keep sparring while Ford rolls out big new incentive

GM alleges UAW and FCA colluded costing it millions of dollars

Disputes continue between GM and FCA amid pending lawsuit

DETROIT – General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles started locking horns last fall.

GM went to federal court with a RICO claim saying the UAW and FCA colluded costing the company millions of dollars.

Now GM wants the judge off the case. The judge wants it settled.

In 2015, the late FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne is seen hugging then UAW president Dennis Williams kicking off national contract negotiations.

GM saw in this a poker tell that something wasn’t right and sued.

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Federal Judge Paul Borman didn’t think much of the case and ordered GM CEO Mary Barra and FCA CEO Mike Manley to settle so much so he wanted them in court Wednesday personally to tell him whether they settled.

GM appealed and the appeals court ruled today that hearing wouldn’t happen and wanted to hear from FCA and the judge over the next week.

The FCA released the following statement today in response, “As we have said from the date this lawsuit was filed, it is meritless and FCA will continue to defend itself vigorously and pursue all available remedies in response to this groundless lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, Ford decided the COVID-19 crisis shouldn’t be an impediment to buying a new vehicle with something called the Ford Promise.

Ford’s retail communications manager Matt Atkenson explains this all-but-unheard of incentive:

“If you finance or lease your new vehicle purchase or used or certified preowned, we’re gonna allow you to return your vehicle up to one year after the purchase of that vehicle,” he said.

And finally Dodge today teased its heavy Hemi horsepower for its Wednesday reveal of more Hemi Engine powered vehicles.

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