Americans support Black-owned businesses on ‘Blackout Day 2020’

Americans plan to send message of protest at checkout counter

Americans support Black-owned businesses on 'Blackout Day 2020'
Americans support Black-owned businesses on 'Blackout Day 2020'

DETROIT – Americans have plans to send a message of protest at the checkout counter.

Tuesday has been designated as “Blackout Day,” which is a call to action and day of solidarity. The goal is for people to only spend money at black-owned businesses. The initiative comes in the wake of protests against police brutality.

If you’re riding or walking down Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit, more than likely you have noticed the store, “Detroit is the New Black.”

“It’s an expression it started really as a t-shirt brand about five years ago,” said Roslyn Karamoko.

But Roslyn Karamoko, with Detroit is the New Black, said that expression grew into a brand -- and now a clothing store, “We have everything from leather goods, handbags to a pocket carry, to art.”

Detroit has many black-owned businesses, more than 300 of them. Many people said this is a big day for them. the concept of Black Out Day is simple, support and buy black, “I think right now, what’s going on in the nation is really a fight for equality. I think the way we’re going to get to an equal level playing field is equality and equity and economic power,” said Karamoko.

According to the Black Out Day’s website, July 7, is a call to action and a day of solidarity in America, where not one black person in America spends a dollar outside of businesses owned by Black people. This initiative started due to the protests against police brutality and many want to shed some light to the nation’s decades-long racial wealth gap.

“It’s important for Blacks to support each other within the neighborhood. That’s the only way we can stay in business, especially during this time, with the pandemic going on,” said Mashelle Sykes with Fusion Flare Restaurant.

I think our race is probably number one in terms of spending. We spend more than any other race,” said Sykes.

Click here to view a list of Black-owned businesses in the Metro Detroit area.

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