Protests over Detroit in-person summer school continue for 2nd week

Several people arrested

DETROIT – Protests over in-person summer school in Detroit have continued for a second week.

Protesters were out Monday morning at a school bus yard near I-96 and the Southfield Freeway. They do not believe students and teachers should be taking part in any kind of in-person schooling -- voluntarily or otherwise -- amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At least three people were taken away in handcuffs by police on Monday morning. Cars were being used to block a school bus from exiting the yard.

Arrests last week

Nearly a dozen protesters were arrested last week for blocking school buses from picking up children for summer school classes. Arrests were made last week because ABC Student Transportation is a privately owned company servicing about 60 percent of the district, along with the streets being private property. Everyone in custody has been charged with disorderly conduct.

One woman will possibly be facing an additional charge of assault on an officer after a scuffle.

In-person summer school is being offered at 25 Detroit Public Schools Community District facilities.

The protesters said even though the summer schooling is optional for students, and is staffed by volunteer teachers, they do not believe it should be offered at all amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After the arrests last week, school buses were able to leave the bus garage to go pick up kids for summer school. However, many students were left stranded at the bus stops.

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