Harper Woods man accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from MGM Detroit

Colletti was in disguise

DETROIT – According to a federal criminal complaint, 55-year-old John Christopher Colletti donned prosthetics and in some cases full face masks and used props to appear like an elderly man as he ripped off casinos.

Federal officials said Colletti targeted Casino VIP’s and was successful in stealing nearly $100,000 from the MGM Detroit.

UPDATE April 6, 2021: Harper Woods man accused of stealing money from casinos pleads guilty to wire fraud, identify fraud

Casinos have kiosks where their VIP’s can withdraw money. They are under video surveillance, which is why the FBI said Colletti was in disguise.

He would use fake drivers licenses that he’d manufactured in order to access the kiosks. Officials said they have him on that video surveillance.

Colletti, who is from Harper Woods, was arrested in Kansas. Police said he was arrested after attempting the same scam there.

When he was arrested, federal agents found four prosthetic masks, 83 drivers licenses, and books on how to commit crimes.

He will be brought back to Michigan to stand trial.

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