How to set your child up for a successful remote learning experience

Kitchen table might not be the best location

An expert gives advice on how to set up your child for success.

DETROIT – With the school year fast approaching it may be time to rethink where your student is set up for remote learning. Children will likely be spending a chunk of time learning from home at the start of the school year.

Eboni Creighton is tired of doing school work at the kitchen table. At the beginning of the summer, after she decided she would home school her 7-year-old daughter she decided she would transform a space in their home they could use as a classroom.

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Once she found the space, free from distractions, she picked a few other designated spots in their home where they could be more creative. Creighton went online and stocked up on things for her daughter she would use in a second grade classroom.

Creighton is a former elementary school teacher in Southfield. She said one of the best investments a parent can make to teach their child at home is a simple whiteboard.

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