Documentary on painful legacy of 13th Amendment to play in Detroit

Film focuses on race, justice, incarceration

An emotional documentary is coming to Detroit.

DETROIT – In this era of racial reckoning, an emotional documentary is coming to Detroit that peels back the layers of history. It deals with the 13th Amendment and what it did for African Americans and the stipulation that leaves a racist legacy that continues to echo today.

“When I saw this documentary, number one I was amazed at how Ava DuVernay could produce such a thing, the capacity and the emotional capacity for her to be able to deliver this and the history,” said Lauren Stovall.

It’s those raw emotions, Lauren Stovall said anyone will experience after watching the documentary ’13th.’ “This documentary, really takes a look at history. I think it’s so important that we all take a look at history to understand where we are today and where we’re going moving forward for everyone.”

That’s why Stovall said she wanted to present the film to the city of Detroit, right in the heart of Detroit. Many will get a chance to see the movie, Thursday night at Campus Martius.

“I kind of approached Downtown Detroit Partnership about showing a viewing of specifically the film 13th. My specific goal was to get this film, 13th, which is written, produced and directed by Ava DuVernay and I believe it’s up for an Oscar, but it’s a documentary, that documents and take a look at the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery but has a clause in there about exempting, unless you are a criminal. I guess you can say it is very timely, with the, what’s going on in the world and the up rise of protest, yet again and the up rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

Stovall said Thursday’s event is more than just sitting down and watching a movie, but there will be an open dialogue immediately following, “We’re also not just going to view but have a post discussion with some of Detroit’s leading dignitaries, and kind of talk about maybe the emotions, what are we to do, I don’t know I have a list of questions, that I’m still trying to figure out. That word empathy, for us to view it here together as a collective. It means, that we’re gaining or trying to gain an empathy to one another.”

More information on the showing can be found here.