Macomb family asked to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs after HOA complaint

'We feel like we’re being targeted,' Aries Rodgers said

Macomb Township couple claim being singled out by HOA for Black Lives Matter sign
Macomb Township couple claim being singled out by HOA for Black Lives Matter sign

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Aries and Tia Rodgers said they were singled out because of the “Black Lives Matter” signs that they have in their Macomb-area lawn.

“This is a real sensitive time to address something as simple as a Black Lives Matter sign,” Aries Rodgers said.

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The couple received a letter in the mail from the homeowner association that oversees the Rodger’s subdivision. They said they were told they have until Sept. 1 to remove the signs.

“Yes. We feel like we’re being targeted. We’re being racially profiled,” Tia Rodgers said.

Some of their neighbors have signs ranging from support of President Trump to school memorabilia.

“It’s not just Trump signs. It’s Trump signs, graduation signs, proud parents, school signs. Happy birthday signs. Signs in general,” Tia Rodgers said.

Paperwork shows that someone made a complaint about the signage. Another neighbor said although eh has no problem with the signs, the rules are rules.

“I understand why people want o do it. They want to express who they are apart of the community. But the rules are rules. You gotta abide by them,” the neighbor said.

The homeowner association said that multiple letters have been sent out, even though other signs remain. The Rodgers said they just want to be treated equally.

“Fair is fair. Right is right. You can’t pinpoint us and not go for the other people,” Tia Rodgers said.

The homeowner association told Local 4 that they sent letters out to more than 20 homes, but this is the first time they’ve heard of any complaints regarding the removal request.

They said they are willing to work with the family to find some type of solution.

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