Mothers offer advice on how to adjust to remote learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

Both mothers say it’s important for children to have a dedicated work space

DETROIT – For families starting the school year remotely, there is uncertainty with what the school year will look like and feel like.

Tiffany Schlueter has three children and they’re in second, fourth and fifth grades in Indiana. Remote learning started the first week of August.

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“I’m really impressed with her teachers -- to making sure they know that it’s their responsibility at this age to do the work, and not ask their parents for help,” Schlueter said.

Katey McPherson has four daughters, in sixth, eight and ninth grades in Arizona. Three weeks in, she said online schools is in the honeymoon period.

Both mothers said it’s important that children have their own dedicated work space. Schlueter has dry erase board and cork boards for each child’s desk. On them are schedules and logins for the different apps they use.

McPherson recommends a pencil caddy, in and out boxes to keep track of assignments and a water bottle. Schlueter uses a virtual camp two days a week, her children do their online school from there with student teachers available to help.

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