Video captures parking lot fight in Bruce Township

Some men taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries

Video captures parking lot fight in Bruce Township

BRUCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Macomb County police have released video footage of a fight involving multiple men with dangerous weapons.

The incident happened on Van Dyke Road in Bruce Township. Witness, Shane Malinczak, says it looked like the men were trying to kill each other.

Malinczak says it was something he has never seen before. The two men were fighting in broad daylight using any means necessary to hurt one another.

“It was complete chaos. Four or five guys out there with pipes, bars, machetes, basically any weapon they could get their hands on. There was an Escalade, a black Dodge Ram and a blue Ford with a white trailer,” said Malinczak.

Footage caught on cell phone video shows the turmoil between the two men. At some point, one got behind the wheel and tried to get the upper hand.

“I mean it was like a demolition derby. He was just taking his truck and plowing it into the trailer going about 40 miles an hour all day long. It did some massive damage to the trailer,” Malinczak recalled.

Malinczak says he called 911 and that’s when the authorities pulled up.

“All the state cops out there. I mean it was lit up like a Christmas tree in the parking lot,” added Malinczak

Five people were arrested. However, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department was only able to provide mugshots for four men. Apparently, they were in two separate groups meeting up for a property exchange that went wrong. Most have now been charged with felonious assault.

In the end, there was a lot of damage to the vehicles.

“You see the front end damage on it. The trailer is all caved in,” Malinczak concluded.

Some of these men were even transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

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