A look at the weather on Election Day dating back nearly 3 decades

Dry, sunny and chilly with highs in the upper 50s today

Election Day Forecast: Dry, Chilly and sunny today
Election Day Forecast: Dry, Chilly and sunny today

DETROIT – Every four years, on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, Americans go to the polls and elect a president. 

As you know, November weather can run the gamut here in Detroit…we can have anywhere from snow to the 70s. 

So, I thought it would be interesting to compare this year’s Election Day weather to what we’ve had in past years. Interestingly, over the past eight presidential Election Days, we haven’t had a single snowflake here in Detroit!

Today will be a spectacular day to vote, with mostly sunny skies:  we are starting the day in the upper 30s in most areas, and we’ll see highs in the mid-to-upper 50s…can’t ask for much better than that, although we’ve actually had better (rarely).  Read on!

Weather statistics are from Metro Airport and for perspective, our Election Day average high is 54 degrees, and our Election Day average low is 38 degrees:

November 8th, 2016:  Donald Trump vs. Hillary Rodham Clinton

We had a pretty dreary day for this election, with clouds, some early morning fog, and periodic light rain.  At least it was relatively mild.  High:  60, Low:  43.

November 6th, 2012:  Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

It was a dry day, but cloudy and cold.  High:  42, Low:  32.

November 4th, 2008:  Barack Obama vs. John McCain

This was an amazing day, especially for afternoon voters under mostly sunny skies.  High:  71, Low:  42.

November 2nd, 2004:  George W. Bush vs. John Kerry

Not the best day to stand in line at the polls, with periodic rain and drizzle.  High:  52, Low:  43.

November 7th, 2000:  George W. Bush v Al Gore

Rain ended before the polls opened, and the rest of the day was cloudy with some fog.  High:  57, Low:  46.

November 5th, 1996:  Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole

This Election Day was dry, but cloudy.  High:  52, Low:  41.

November 3rd, 1992:  Bill Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush

Not a bad day to vote, with partly cloudy skies, although it was breezy.  High:  54, Low:  41.

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Local 4 meteorologist Paul Gross was born in Detroit and has spent his entire life and career right here in southeast Michigan. Paul has researched, written and produced eight half-hour documentaries for WDIV, as well as many science, historical and environmental stories.