Eisenhower High School choir students perform Christmas classic virtually

‘It just felt really amazing,’ senior Mary Kotsonix said

Utica Eisenhower High School choir spreads holiday cheer virtually

UTICA, Mich. – A Macomb County high school isn’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop them from spreading Christmas cheer.

Choir students from Eisenhower High School in Utica managed to perform a Christmas classic together virtually.

“I kind of expected it because, you know, we weren’t going into second semester already,” senior Carson Dietz said. “I was pretty bummed because I wanted to sing a specific song this year.”

It’s bittersweet for some of the senior choir students who are missing out on their annual Christmas concert. Their teacher, Julia Holt, came up with this idea instead.

“I wanted to create something that at least kind of makes a memory for these kids,” Holt said. “It’s obviously not what we’re used to doing, but it’s something that they can look back on and remember this time and have something to show for what they’ve done.”

“I was really excited that she came up with this idea because this song is the one song that we all get to go up on stage together,” senior Mary Kotsonix said. “All the choirs, including the alumni get to go up on stage and do it. If we weren’t gonna have it -- it just didn’t feel right so to put something together again, it just felt really amazing.”

Each student recorded themselves singing the song that they had been rehearsing. Holt adjusted the audio and edited the video together as they normally see each other on zoom and the end result a two minute and five second virtual choir masterpiece.

“I think it turned out great,” Kotsonix said. “Have all the choir in there and everyone smiling and spreading the cheer to the community. I just really loved it.”

“We haven’t sung actually together in the same room since last March,” Holt said.

The song choice couldn’t be more fitting for this wild rollercoaster of a year. The students each had this one wish for Christmas.

“For all of this -- everything in the world to just go away and everything to just go back to normal,” Kotsonix said.

Watch the video below:

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