2 Michigan Republicans join Facebook group with violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories

Couple joined new Facebook group called Milford Conservatives Matter

GOP state Rep., wife join Facebook group with violent rhetoric, conspiracy theories

DETROIT – A new private Facebook group emerged a few days ago aimed at conservatives in Michigan.

Among the first to join were State Rep. Matt Maddock and his wife Meshawn Maddock who is in line to become co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

Some of the posts in the group have people concerned.

The Maddocks have become well known supporters of President Donald Trump for months, but much of that success has been built on conspiracies about the election and COVID-19.

Both were found in a new Facebook group called Milford Conservatives Matter.

The page is filled with conspiracies, far-right memes and open discussions of martial law and civil war.

One post praised the siege on the US Capitol saying people will sleep well knowing members of Congress were scared for their lives.

In another post Matt Maddock told the group he joined CloutHub, a social media site popular with conservative and far right groups.

Meshawn Maddock in one post wrote about the page, “Lord thank you for this.”

Last week she helped charter 19 buses to bring Trump supporters to Washington, DC.

Since the attack on the US Capitol calls have been made from Democratic members of the state legislature for Matt Maddock to resign and there has also been a petition circulating to have him recalled.

When asked about Meshawn Maddock’s candidacy in the wake of the siege, the Michigan GOP did not have a comment, instead directing Local 4 News to the campaign.

Since the siege last week Local 4 News tried to reach the Maddocks, but has not been able to get in touch with either one of them.

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