COVID vaccine first-dose appointments expected to delay due to shortage, Michigan officials say

Officials say some of the first-dose allocation to be shifted to people scheduled for second dose

COVID vaccine appointments in Michigan expected to be delayed due to supply shortage

Michigan didn’t receive the amount of COVID vaccines expected from the federal government, leading the state to take some of the first-dose allocation and shift it to those already scheduled for their second dose.

The decision means that some people who have a first-dose appointment set for next week may be delayed.

“MDHHS with assistance from MING queried local health departments and hospitals regarding need for second dose vaccines. We are addressing any shortages in second doses in the orders we are placing for shipment next week. About 37,300 doses from the ‘first dose’ allocation will need to be used to ensure complete vaccination for individuals who are due a second dose,” said Lynn Sutfin with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

A a greater volume of vaccines is expected soon. The U.S. government has contracted with Pfizer and Moderna for 200 million more doses. Pfizer expects to have 20 million of those new doses ready to roll out by March.

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AstraZeneca expects updated COVID-19 vaccine by autumn

AstraZeneca said Thursday it expects to have a new version of its COVID-19 vaccine ready for use by this autumn as drugmakers respond to concerns about emerging variants of the disease that may be more transmissible or resistant to existing vaccines.

The Anglo-Swedish company, which makes a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford, said it is working with the university’s scientists to adapt the shot to combat new variants. Researchers began this work months ago when the variants were first detected, said Mene Pangalos, head of biopharmaceuticals research for AstraZeneca.

“We’re moving fast and we’ve got a number of variant versions in the works that we will be picking from as we move into the clinic,” Pangalos said on a conference call with reporters.

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