With billions at stake, Gov. Whitmer and Michigan Republicans refuse to budge

Governor weighs in on where she stands

With billions at stake, Gov. Whitmer and Michigan Republicans refuse to budge

DETROIT – For a year now the governor and Michigan Legislature have sparred over how to handle the COVID crisis.

UPDATE March 9, 2021: Whitmer signs $2.5 billion in COVID-19 relief funding

Most recently the Republican controlled body passed a $4 billion supplemental budget with many strings attached that would require Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to give up emergency powers.

Michigan has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic without Whitmer’s Emergency Orders since Oct. 12.

On Monday, Whitmer weighed in on where she stands.

Both sides are staying true to form. Neither side is budging and the war of words continues to escalate.

“We’ve got $5 billion that’s been allocated to the Michigan Legislature whose Republican control is trying to hold those dollars back and in trying to push me to relinquish executive powers that I’ve used to save lives. They know that is never going to happen and it is just really sad,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer was on MSNBC Monday morning.

“And so for our Legislature to play this dangerous game with resources we desperately need is really disappointing but sadly you know we’ve got to continue to try to do everything we can to move forward,” said Whitmer.

House Republican floor leader Ben Fredericks of Owosso believes the governor is playing a dangerous, obstinate game.

“I think it continues to paint the picture this is a governor who simply wants to behave in an authoritarian fashion as she talks about wanting to work with other people at every opportunity that has been presented has been rejected. Working with this governor simply means complying,” said Owosso.

Getting the billions of dollars the federal government is offering Michiganders continues to become tougher.

“The governor is going to have to realize going it alone and shooting from the hip ruling by press conference has to stop. We cannot continue biting off our lives in two to three increments based upon what somebody, one person might say. There needs to be a plan,” said Owosso.

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