President Biden discusses cyber attack on US pipeline

President Joe Biden (AP photo)

President Joe Biden held a news briefing Thursday afternoon on the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline that has affected gasoline supply and costs across the U.S.

The live stream for this event has ended.

Colonial Pipeline, the nation’s largest fuel pipeline that delivers about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast, was targeted in a cyber attack on Friday.

The hackers are reportedly part of a group that gains control of online systems and holds them for ransom. The FBI on Monday said the individual whose ransomware was used in the cyber attack is named DarkSide. Members of the group are also Russian speakers, according to the FBI.

While the hackers did not gain control of pipeline operations, the company still opted to shut the pipeline down to contain any damage. Colonial Pipeline is set to resume operations on Wednesday.

The shutting down of the pipeline sent many scrambling, particularly in the Southeast, due to disrupted distribution operations and panic-fueled purchases. The impact was primarily felt in the South, but the incident has also caused fuel prices to rise throughout several states, including in Michigan.

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