Then and now: Community tries to rebuild 1 year after flooding in Mid-Michigan

Devastating floods wiped out Michigan homes, businesses

Midland County: 1 year after the floods

MIDLAND COUNTY, Mich. – One year ago, people in Midland County were trying to leave their homes as a wall of water came rushing in.

The Edenville and Sanford dams broke, wiping out neighborhoods and leaving lakefront homes with no lakes.

The night cam brought us some of the first images of the devastation last year. On Wednesday, Tim Pamplin went back to check in with the community trying to rebuild.

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1 year later: Mid-Michigan flood victims recall challenges, face new frustration

It was one year ago that the Edenville and Sanford dams gave way, leading to devastating floods in Mid-Michigan.

Much of the mess has been cleaned up, but residents are still feeling the impact from the flooding -- especially in the town of Sanford.

Residents that once had lakefront homes and now have no lake are being asked to pay a tax to fix the dams and refill the lakes.

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