Computer chip shortage creating long wait times for Ford pickup truck buyers

Shortage leads to cuts at 8 of Ford’s plants

Computer chip shortage creating long wait times for pickup truck buyers

The computer chip shortage is forcing Ford Motor Company into a new round of production cuts at eight of its plants, including the ones making the F-150 truck.

It means reduced schedules or weeks off at assembly plants in Flat Rock, Dearborn, Ohio; Oakville, Ontario; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; Kansas City, Missouri and Hermosillo, Mexico.

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“I ordered it Nov. 19 last year, was told it would be six to eight weeks. Well it’s been a little over 26 weeks,” said Robert Kroeger.

Kroeger is a retired teacher and owns rural acreage that requires a truck. He knows that somewhere in a parking lot in Metro Detroit, his new F-150 sits awaiting a computer chip assembly.

“I’ve called a few times and they said ‘Well, there is the chip problem,’ which I had read about that,” he said.

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Kroeger said he feels it was a bad idea to sell his old truck, thinking he would have his new one by now. As the days go by in 2021, he watching for the fall.

“The (2022 trucks) are going to be in September. Now if the chip shortage works itself out by then, people like me might say ‘The hell with my 2021, I’ll get a 2022.’”

Kroeger said he wrote to Chairman Bill Ford, whose community relations department apologized for the delay and sent a Ford gift pack.

“It had a mug, a hat and had a key fob -- things like, which is nice. It was very nice. I appreciate that but what I would appreciate more is the truck,” he said.

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