WDIV Insiders: Help us count down to the Ford Fireworks on TV

Fireworks Countdown for Insiders

Here’s your chance to be on TV for our Ford Fireworks broadcast on June 28. We’re asking WDIV Insiders to count us down from 10 to 1 just before the fireworks display begins. Please submit your video by Sunday, June 13.

Send us a video of you, your kids, your dog, or your grandma doing a countdown, and we will choose 10 people to include in the show! Check the newsletter we sent to you for the link to submit your video.

Some tips:

  • Remember to record with your phone horizontal, not straight up and down.
  • Try to stay steady, and center the person shouting the numbers.
  • Give us a slight pause between each number.
  • Keep looking into the camera for a couple seconds after “one!”
  • Consider recording at a fun location, like a recognizable landmark in your town, or an outdoor spot where you go for summer fun.

Extra points for energy, creativity and enthusiasm! Here are a couple examples of the best way to frame your video.

📹 How to upload

⭐ Existing Insiders

If you’re already an Insider, just visit your Insider Profile Page here and click on the Fireworks graphic, and fill out the form!

⭐ New Insiders

If you’re not an Insider, sign up here, verify your email and then visit your profile page.

Have a question? Email us: insider@wdiv.com

**Please submit by Sunday, June 13**

About the Authors:

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