An inside look at the new Ford Maverick

New vehicle to go on sale this Fall

Inside look at the new Ford Maverick
Inside look at the new Ford Maverick

DETROIT – On Tuesday, Ford grabbed the attention of the automotive world by rolling out the new, smaller sized Maverick pickup truck.

The new Ford Maverick breathes dramatically new life into an old name. For starters, its four doors give access to five seats, has a 500-mile range because it comes with a standard hybrid engine.

You have to order a gas engine if you want one allowing 40 miles per gallon all for under $20,000 to start. These are all things the target market, young buyers, wants, said Ford’s marketing chief Trevor Scott.

“It defies most of your expectations and that’s what a Maverick is, that’s the way our customers live their lives. It’s all about no compromises fitting their lifestyle,” said Scott.

In the auto business they call it white space, an area where customers want something they aren’t getting now.

And considering the domestics got out of the small car business years ago. AutoTrader analyst Michelle Krebs believes the Maverick fits perfectly.

“You’ve got the F-150 that average price tag is $50,000. You have the Ranger which is smaller, but it’s right up there near $40,000 so there is a whole lot of space beneath, especially for a much smaller vehicle,” said Krebs.

And of course a pickup truck allows for more carrying space and it can tow up to $2,000 pounds for a boat or camper.

“You can see these vehicles having a place with young people that have a lot of outdoor activities as well,” said Krebs.

Ford will build the Maverick in Hermosillo, Mexico. It goes on sale in the fall.

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