Groups push for removal of George Armstrong Custer statue in Monroe

Petition to remove statue has more than 14,000 signatures so far

Groups push for removal or relocation of Monroe's George Custer statue

MONROE, Mich. – Friday marks the 145th anniversary of George Armstrong Custer’s fall at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

While Custer’s legacy is celebrated in the city of Monroe, some however are offended, saying the statue needs to be placed elsewhere.

“To have people continue to honor someone who had a total disregard for other people, they need to start learning more about the history of this country,” said Native American, Jeffery “Bronze Eagle.”

The statue and memorial continues to be a topic of controversy in the city.

“We’re in an era of racial reckoning in this country. This thing has been protested for many years, and this is the time to remove it,” said Native American and Pokagon Elder, Julie Dye.

On Thursday, those in the Native American community and other minorities came together to protest the war hero that they said has been celebrated too much.

“We have Custer Road, Custer Airport, Custer Elementary, Custer ball program,” said Monroe County Democratic District Delegate Katybeth Davis.

Although Custer was born in Ohio, his wife is from the city of Monroe. Some of the residents believe he should be placed somewhere more relevant.

“I don’t know what they should do with it, but to have it displayed in the center of town, it continues to be disrespectful to me and other native people,” Jeffery said.

A petition has been made to remove the statue and has received more than 14,000 signatures so far.

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