Piece of Eisenhower High School history found on film inside vintage camera

Image believed to be of former President Richard Nixon at school dedication

Piece of Eisenhower High School history found on film left inside vintage camera

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Thomas Dilger, 19, knows much about cameras and photography, being an avid collector. He purchased an Argus C3 camera -- built in Ann Arbor -- with film still inside for $20.

Inspecting the film, faint images appeared on it. He then scanned them into his computer with one catching his attention.

“It’s a not fan blade, it’s a helicopter rotor,” he said. “I looked at the shape of the helicopter and I realized I saw that helicopter before.”

The helicopter resembled one in a photo taken by his grandmother 50 years ago when she took her daughter -- Dilger’s mother -- to Eisehower High School where former President Richard Nixon was dedicating the new building.

“I don’t remember seeing Nixon, I don’t even think I knew what was going on but I remember the loud noise of the helicopter,” said Thomas’ mother, Beth Dilger.

Thomas Dilger started looking at other photos closely and discovered one picture that resembled Nixon.

“He was excited, so whenever he’s excited that makes a parent excited,” said his father, Tom Dilger.”

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