Rick Wershe Jr. and others protest prison sentence of Metro Detroit dispensary owner

Rudi Gammo charged with operating a city-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensary in 2018 before marijuana was legalized

'White Boy Rick' Wershe, others protest prison sentence of ex-dispensary owner

Everyone has at least heard of the story of Rick Wershe Jr., formally known as “White Boy Rick.” He’s now out of prison and using his story to help fight the justice system and to help others.

“I don’t think people are aware of their constitutional rights. So it’s kind of fitting the brand that we created,” Wershe said.

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Wershe is talking about his new partnership with Pleasantrees Cannabis Company, which is introducing a new brand called the “Eighth” with Wershe as the face of it.

“Our brand is the eighth ... your Eighth Amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bail, which we all have constitutional rights, but a lot of times they’re violated,” he said.

Wershe spent 32 years in prison on drug-related charges. Many said his sentence was excessive.

“When I was 17 years old. My bail was $300,000, not 10%. I had to pay $300,000,” he said.

On Wednesday, supporters of Rudi Gammo gathered outside the Oakland County courthouse. Gammo is charged with operating a city-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan back in 2018 before voters approved of legalizing adult use of marijuana.

Gammo’s sentence is five and half years in prison.

“I’m in here under the pandemic. Everyone else is doing the same thing that I did years ago. I’m paying the price for it. My family members are the victims. My family is struggling without me. My son has leukemia,” Gammo said on the phone. “Even if I have to stay here, as long as I know I got those people supporting me, I can’t ask for nothing more.”

Gammo’s attorney Barton Morris said the Oakland County prosecutor has supported a motion to get him out of prison, but recently a judge didn’t agree.

Morris said his team filed another motion to reconsider.