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Welcome to ClickOnDetroit’s COVID-19 discussion forum. This is a dedicated space to discuss the pandemic. You’re invited to share questions, experiences, insights and opinions. Please follow all community guidelines.

Forum Rules

1. Be civil. We encourage respectful discussion. Comments will be removed for insulting other users, bigotry, threats, broad generalizations, name calling and anything that detracts from conversation on serious topic.

2. Avoid politics. Please keep discussion to the Coronavirus pandemic. Political debates end up repeating themselves, dominating conversation and detracting from quality conversation. Discussions about policy decisions are allowed, but avoid insulting people with different beliefs.

3. Keep information quality high. Share reliable, fact-based information with cited sources. Information about the pandemic evolves quickly. Do your best to rely on the best possible sources. Conspiracy posts, misinformation and amateur research and analysis will be removed.

4. Stay on topic. This forum is to discuss the pandemic and events that have happened. There are many places on ClickOnDetroit to share opinions on a wide variety of topics. This forum is limited to the Coronavirus pandemic.

5. Don’t repeat yourself. Posting the same comment over and over distracts from the conversation and crowds out other voices. Repeated comments will be removed.

6. Accounts can be suspended for repeatedly violating the rules.

Why was my comment removed?

Removed comments violated our community guidelines or one of the forum rules. However, the moderators are human and make mistakes. If you believe a comment was unfairly removed, you can message us here.

Why can’t I comment on a story?

We’re centralizing COVID-19 discussion here to focus on quality conversations. This forum now acts as the Conversations thread for all stories on the site. We believe a single, enduring conversation will improve discussions.

I have a story to share.

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