Protesters disrupt James Craig’s official launch of campaign for Michigan governor

Former Detroit police chief formally announces political campaign

James Craig running for governor

DETROIT – Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s official announcement of his campaign for Michigan governor had to wait a little while longer after protesters derailed his speech before it even got started.

The group Detroit Will Breathe took over the podium set up for Craig on Belle Isle Tuesday, forcing the announcement to be moved to another location.

Original report: James Craig shouted down by protesters on Belle Isle while announcing run for governor

“My name is James Craig and I’m running to be your governor, the governor for the state of Michigan,” Craig announced.

During his speech, Craig explained why he feels he’s right for the job.

“Many of the supposed leaders today simply don’t lead. So much of Michigan is struggling. The damn roads are not fixed, unless someone can tell me different,” he said.

He also addressed the protesters at Belle Isle moments before, claiming they were paid to be there -- though that doesn’t seem to be the case, based on the protest’s event information on Facebook..

“The message is, ‘I’m winning.’ I got the message out anyways, I’m winning. And you know what’s sad about today, and disappointing? That small group of paid protestors ... did nothing. What they did was reinforce why we need change,” he said.

When asked about Detroiters and minorities who may not support him at this point, Craig said: “Over the weeks of listening, I believe more Detroiters support me than many know. Let me tell you why. I was branded here in Detroit. I served eight years as the police chief.”